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    Street Nelson Carraro Street, 2001
    Santo Antão Neighborhood
    Bento Gonçalves – RS
    Zip code: 95702-798

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    55 (54) 3455 – 1212

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find stores that sell Carraro furniture?

    Access Physical Stores or the Online Store.

  • Is there any exclusive Carraro site or store?

    Carraro sells its products exclusively in physical and virtual multi-brand stores.

  • How do I consult the measurements and features of Carraro products?

    On all product pages you will see the main features of the products: the main features and also their dimensions. Just click on the indicator buttons and/or scroll down the page.

  • How can I find out the prices of the furniture?

    Even if you prefer to buy at the nearest physical store, you can research prices at the multibrand virtual stores that sell Carraro and see which option best suits your needs.

  • It is important to save my invoice?

    Your invoice is critical for exchanges and also for using services covered by the warranty for manufacturing defects, according to the legal term of the Consumer Protection Code. Keep it with you during this period.

  • What is Carraro’s warranty period?

    All Carraro products have a warranty for manufacturing defects, according to the legal term of the Consumer Protection Code. The first thing to do is contact the store where the product was purchased, since all exchanges or requests for parts are made directly through the store. It is very important to have the invoice in hand.

  • Can I buy a part for my product?

    Carraro does not sell separate parts for its products direct to customers, only through the store owner. We ask for your understanding and that you contact the store where the product was purchased.

  • How do I clean chrome structures?

    For better preservation of chrome products we recommend that you use a dry cloth on metal structures.

    Tips: To further enhance the shine you can apply “SILVO” or Polidor Carraro every 60 days, according to the instructions.

  • How do I clean upholstered seats?

    – To remove dry grime, clean the product with a slightly dampened cloth and then dry it. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

    – To remove liquid grime, remove the liquid immediately with a dry absorbent cloth. Do not rub. If necessary, use a cloth moistened with clean, warm water with mild soap.

    CAUTION: Do not use steam equipment for cleaning or chemical agents such as alcohol, paint thinner or others that could compromise the durability of the upholstery.

  • How do I clean tabletops?

    – Only a damp cloth and mild soap should be used on tabletops.

  • How do I clean wood furniture?

    – Wipe them first with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth.

    – After cleaning, keep the door open until the product is completely dry, to increase air circulation and prevent mildew.

    – Mirrors should be cleaned with warm water and a soft, clean cloth.

  • What is the difference between MDF and MDP ?

    Both PB and MDF can be used to manufacture high quality and durable furniture. Each of these is better suited a certain kind of use.

    PB (Particleboard)

    Highly resistant to moisture, warping, reassembly or screw displacement. Lighter. Recommended for dividers, straight and side wardrobe doors, drawers
    and retro design furniture.

    MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

    Solid panel, highly resistant and with excellent machining capacity. Heavier. Recommended for the bottom of drawers, machined and rounded doors with special design touches.

  • Which finishes available for the chairs of Carraro?

    Leather – Made using natural leather, which provides an excellent finishing for the product;

    Eco-Leather – Material that most resembles natural leather. Made from synthetic fibers that are highly durable and versatile since they adapt to any type of upholstery;

    Napa – High technology fabric similar to leather, but with elastic effect. It is more economical, has a soft appearance, nearly flat, being extremely versatile and easy to clean;

    Polypropylene – A highly resilient plastic that can be molded by heating;

    Suede Fabric – 100% polyester fabric with soft and velvety touch, resistant to dirt absorption;

    Chenille – Fabric with luxurius appearance. Very comfortable and soft, it is also resistant to dirt absorption;

    Tecil – A kind of eco-leather with fabric features. It does not rip, it is waterproof and may be washed.

  • What different types of tops?

    Decorative coating impregnated without glue on MDP panel only by heat and pressure. Excellent resistance to scratches and scrapes.

    The same coating process of the BP top, with heavier weight. Besides heat and pressure, glue is used, ensuring impermeability and high resistance to scratches, moisture and impact.

    Durable and easy to clean, it makes the environment elegant with its transparency. Available in black (tempered) and colorless.

    Available in a matte finish that makes the space more elegant, or textured, simulating the texture of wood. The varnish protects against scratches, ensuring furniture is hard wearing.

  • How can I get my store to sell Carraro furniture?

    Access the Where to Buy link and contact the market representative in your area to schedule a visit.

  • What if you are a store owner and want to know the prices of the furniture?

    Access the Where to Buy link and contact the market representative in your area to schedule a visit.