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Carraro exclusively sells its products in multi-brand physical and virtual stores.

On every product page you will see the main characteristics of the products: their main characteristics and also the dimensions. Just click the bookmark buttons and / or scroll the page.

Even if you prefer to shop at the nearest physical store, you can do your price search at the multi-brand virtual stores that sell Carraro and see which option best fits your needs.

The invoice is essential for exchanges and also for the use of services covered by the guarantee for defects of manufacture, according to the legal term of the Code of Consumer Protection. Keep with you in this period.

All Carraro products are guaranteed for manufacturing defects, according to the legal term of the Consumer Defense Code. The first thing to do is to contact the store where the product was purchased, because any exchange or request of parts is made directly by him. It is very important to have the invoice in hand.

Carraro does not sell individual parts of its products directly to customers, only through the merchant. We ask your understanding and contact the store where the product was purchased.

For better preservation of chromed products it is recommended to use dry cloth in the metallic structures.

Tip: To further reinforce the gloss you can apply “SILVO” or the Carraro Polisher every 60 days, according to the instructions for use.

-To remove dry dirt, wipe the product with a slightly damp cloth and then dry it, you can also use the vacuum cleaner;

-To remove liquid dirt, remove the liquid immediately with a dry cloth that can absorb it. Do not rub. If necessary, use cloth dampened in clean, warm water with neutral soap.

CAUTION: Do not use steam cleaning equipment or chemical agents, such as alcohol, tinner or other materials that could compromise the durability of the stew.

Only wet cloth and mild soap should be used on the tops.

-First wipe with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.

-After cleaning keep the product doors open until completely dry, as this increases air circulation and prevents the appearance of mold.

-The mirrors should be cleaned with warm water , with a soft, clean cloth.

Both MDP and MDF can be used in the manufacture of furniture with high quality and durability. Both are processed from the raw wood into sheets. Each one is better suited to one type of use.

MDP (Medium Density Particle)

Panel, with three-layer production: a thick layer of particles in the core and two thin layers on the surfaces that are bonded with resins. Very resistant to humidity, warping, disassembly / reassembly or pulling of screws. Lighter. Indicated for dividers, straight and side doors of cabinets and drawers and furniture with straight design.

MDF (Medium Density of Fibers)

These are homogeneous fibers mixed and resin-pressed. Very resistant and with high machining capacity. Heaviest. Suitable for drawer bottoms, machined and rounded doors with special design touches.

Leather – material made from natural leather and excellent finish to the product;

Eco-Leather – material that most resembles natural leather. It has in its composition synthetic fibers being highly resistant and versatile because it adapts to any type of upholstery;

Napa – High-tech fabric with leather-like but elastic effect. It is more economical, has a soft, almost smooth appearance, being extremely versatile and easy to clean;

Polypropylene – type of highly resistant plastic that can be molded using only heating;

Chamois – 100% polyester fabric, with soft and velvety touch, resistant to dirt absorption;

Chenille fabric – fabric with luxurious appearance. Very comfortable and soft, is also resistant to absorption of dirt;

Tecil – kind of leather with characteristics of fabric. It does not grease and is waterproof and can be washed.

Decorative coating impregnated without glue in MDP panel, only by heat and pressure. Excellent resistance to scratches and scratches;

Same process as BP topcoat with heavier weight. In addition to heat and pressure is used glue, ensuring impermeability and high resistance to scratches, moisture and impact;

Resistant and easy to clean, it leaves the environment elegant with its transparency. Available in black (tempered) and colorless;

Paint with option in matte lacquer, which leaves the environment more elegant, or textured, that simulates the texture of the wood. The varnish protects against scratches, ensuring high resistance to the furniture.

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