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Chair 306 offers exceptional elegance and comfort, coupled with an excellent finish and strength. Very similar to real leather in appearance, this artificial leather finish is comprised of synthetic fibers, making its very resistant and versatile, as it can be adapted to any type of upholstery. Finished in Napa, a high-tech fabric with characteristics similar to leather and an elastic effect, though more economical, offers a soft, almost smooth feel, while extremely versatile and easy to clean; Or Chenille Fabric, offering a very luxurious, soft and comfortable aspect, coupled with high resistance. Suede Fabric, 100% polyester, with a soft and velvety feel, resistant to the absorption of dirt; or Tecil, a type of artificial leather with the characteristic of fabric, which does not fray and is impermeable and washable. And chrome, the process responsible for the permanent shine of the steel tubes, ensuring even more elegance in your living environment.

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  • Round chrome-plated steel tubing
  • Height to seat: 485mm
  • Chair assembled with screws
  • Black plastic tips on the base

Super Chrome: Unique chrome plating system which provides resistance to corrosion and rust, with a much brighter finishing. It is performed in three steps: thorough cleaning to remove impurities, nickel plating (application of metal layers on the base, using baths and immersion) and chrome plating.

How do I clean chrome-plated structures?

How do I clean upholstered seats?


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2 CADEIRAS 660 X 620 X 505 0.207 15.94

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