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People today project many expectations in their homes. They follow trends, are always in search of novelties that add beauty and practicality to the day to day. And they want the house to have its face. With a trajectory of more than 50 years, Carraro became reference in furniture for dormitories, tables and chairs.

The secret of this success is that Carraro is always in tune with those wants and needs and translates it into quality and ideas that bring new life to people's homes.

Consumer: source of our inspiration and success.
People: the reason for our success.
Alliances: harmony and balance in relations with partners.
Innovation: fundamental practice to increase the competitiveness of the company.
Ethics: the basis of our relationships.
Sustainability: economic, social and environmental as a condition to ensure development.

We believe that every environment is unique and deserves to be furnished with care, comfort and practicality. All the furniture we sell is developed in a practical and functional way. This is how we maintain a reference of quality, tradition and innovation.

Be a benchmark in the acting industry as a solid, profitable company and the first consumer buying option.

Provide the consumer with practical, functional and creative solutions in furniture.

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Carraro was the first furniture company in Brazil to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Since then, all manufacturing phases have been controlled based on this international standard. Within the company, ISO 9001 is focused on guiding its processes in order to meet customer requirements effectively and increase its satisfaction. For this, the standard establishes the implementation of procedures defining methods, assignments and responsibilities, involving all parties, from the simplest function to the top management, thus guaranteeing the quality of its products and services in the design, development, production and commercialization phases. With ISO 9001, the consumer has the confidence and assurance that he is acquiring the products and services of a highly qualified company that has the latest technology and uses productive processes that meet the highest quality standards.

Headquarters of Carraro Furniture located in Bento Gonçalves in the Serra Gaúcha

- Sociological responsibility and compliance with environmental legislation proven by FEPAM and IBAMA.
- It has an industrial effluent treatment plant with parameters monitored by state and federal agencies.
- Avoid contamination by sending solid waste to certified sites.
- Performs selective collection and actions aimed at waste reduction and employee awareness about its importance.

- Provides financial assistance for elementary, middle, senior, graduate, technical, language and training courses for professional and personal development.
- It provides a large library for studies and leisure, for employees and their families.
- Provides health plan to all staff and services such as psychological, dental, clinical, life-saving brigade and collection of laboratory tests.
- carries out programs of vaccination, blood donation, oral hygiene and health week regularly.

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